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Give Me Back My Summer!


It feels so different being here,
I was so used to being next to you,
Life for me is not the same,
Theres no one to turn to.
I dont know why I let it go too far,
Starting over its so hard.
Seems like everywhere I try to go,
I keep thinking of you.

How do I breathe,
Without you here by my side?
How will I see,
When your love brought me to the light?
Where do I go,
When your hearts where I lay my head?
When youre not with me,
How do I breathe?
How do I breathe?

Boy Im losin my mind.
Yes I made a mistake.
I thought that you would be mine.
I miss you so bad I cant sleep.
I wish I knew where you could be.
Another girl is replacing me,
cant belive this is happening.

  Miss you hunn...



5 September 2007  | Länk | Life | 0 kommentar

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