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World Trade Center

Mum, why is the plane inside the house?
Why is it blood all over her blouse?
What do they really run away from? Tell me now, I wanna know mum! I saw a picture of a little boy,
behind the picture there was a toy.
The flowers were many and the candles to.
Mum, the people cried, and so did you. The man on the TV talked about war,
about a land in sorrow, an everlasting scar.
I heard a call from a terrified man.
You could hear the people and how they ran. A police looked down and I saw a tear,
20 of his colleagues were no longer here.
Mum, where did they go and why did he cry?
Why is it smoke all over the sky? Please mum! let me understand.
Why did this happen, who wants to kill our land?
Everybody is talking about this attack.
Mum, when is daddy coming back?
5 Juli 2006  | Länk | Dikter | 0 kommentar
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