Where´s your dignity?
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Det är bättre att ha älskat och förlorat än att bara ha förlorat.
Baby, can you play with fire?
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he wasn´t man enough for me

Who do you think I am
Dont you know that he was my man
But I chose to let him go
So why do you act like I still care about him

Lookin at me like Im hurt
When Im the one who said I didnt want it to work
Dont you forget I had him first

Whatcha thinking
Stop blamin me
He wasnt man enough for me
If you dont know now, heres your chance
Ive already had your man
Do you wonder just where hes been
And Id be worried about him
Now its time you know the truth
I think hes just the man for you

Didnt he tell you the truth
If not, then why dont you ask him
And maybe you could be more into him
Instead of worryin bout me
And hopefully, you wont find
All of the reasons why his love didnt count
And why we couldnt work it out

So many reasons why our love is through
What makes you think, hell be good to you
It makes no sense
Cause he will never change
Girl you better recognize the game

26 Oktober 2007  | Länk | Pyttan | 0 kommentar

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