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Few weeks ago we had lovely weather and luckily that was my weekend off so on the saturday i spent the whole day in hyde park, with picknick and good company so nice, that has changed again rain rain and abit more rain.

We had a little easter dinner that emma arranged were we had a few bits of traditional swedish easter food wich wasnt a big hit among the others. To treat the brave once that tried the pikcled herring and kaviar we said we have a surprise they got all very exited but that quickly died away when Emma took out the bottle with "turk" suddenly they wished they never tried any of it. They did try it though when they saw our sad faces but no they didnt like that either! All chocholate eggs went down very well though And Lizl took the bet of beeing able to eat the big chocholate egg and yes she managed no problem!

We had a barbeque in our house with johann ahh our qute 18 year old new french friend and emmas adrian and there hairy friend stephan. after the boys burnt the chicken, the food and wine finished, i according to emma, scared poor little johann through forcing him to listen to Carola, we went off to old street for some dancing at bar and kitchen very funky weird music.

One wednesday i went with a guy to a place called shunt in london bridge i was amased its such a weird and cool place its like a dungeon and this time there were one one man show nothing special but it was very funny and two other exibition kind of things. It is defently a place i recommend but not a dressy place so jeans and a top is good enough!

Few weeks after that my mum was here for a few days on her own for the first time. After i picked her up at London bridge we went to canary warf for dinner it was nice and sunny weather so we could sit outside lovely. We had a nice relaxing weekend with LOTS of shopping... tesco value bread and tap water for me for he rest of the month ..atleast i looked nice in my new clothes while chewing away on my dry artificial bread!! We went for a walk in greenwich went to the market ,mamma remember the brownies? mmmmmmm

Lizl has gone back to south africa about 2 weeks ago now.
We went for a last (for now anyway) sloppy meal at noodletime in greenwich and she and fiona had a birthdayparty\ bye bye party a few days before but unluckyly emma was ill so we only stayed for a drink.

This weekend Emmas cousin Henrik and his 2 friends Jon and Jens were here. Friday evening the guys did a barbeque for us very nice and Emma made her famous mojito so yeah i did have some drink cant resist the mojito :)
After full of chicken squewers potatoe salad and mmmm tiramisu we decided to go to olivers a jazzbar in greenwich with live music wich apparantly just finished when we got there by 11.30 so we just had a drink then we went home.

Me and Emma went to a makover session on saturday that she won a few weeks earlier that was very nice but my gosh they put alot of make up on us!!! Looked very nice on the pictures though .We had 3 different outfits that we took photos in.The photografer was very good he told us how to stand and so on and mad us feel comfortable when we were "posing". when all the shots were taken we went out for lunch to wait for the photos to be ready. The guy that tryed to sell us the pictures we managed to piss of compleatly when we said we dont want to buy 5 piccies each for £260 the best deal he could offer us, still a bit to much!! The pictures were very nice tough so it was a shame it was so expensive.We bought one picture each for £30 just to have one.
When we came home the guys already had dinner ready, tacos, so sweet.
Later on we went in to oldtreet to bar and kitchen with clarisse and nectar to dance the night away. We met Lisa and Andrea there aswell Lisa was already drunk on red wine and Andrea was not in the mood at all tired of all studing she just finished. But we had a very good time. When we came home it was still a party going on in the house so when ready for bed after eating some toast and dounuts tidyied up the "bomb" of clothes all over the floor from this morning panic attack what to bring for the photos, beer bottles etc i went to bed and put the earpluggs in to close out the music from the party i fell asleep like a baby with no bigger problems.
Today i had a proper lay in 12.30 i woke up! When everybody was ready we went to royal tea for lunch and then down to covent garden for some coffe and cake
on the way home we bought some cheese and crackers hommus and bread etc for some evening snack.
And that brings me to now.

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