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Bomber dödar inte människor, explosioner dödar människor.
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-Jag undrar vem på firman som vann en miljon på Lotto! -Det var nog Svensson på lagret. -Varför tror du det? -Jo, idag gick han upp och snöt sig i chefens gardin.
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I dont suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
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Nordic Panorama

Today a bunch of us went to the Nordic Panorama filmfestival in Århus. Its a festival dedicated entirely to documentary films. Some people went by bus, but me and Gonzalo (a wonderful guy from Spain) went in his car. I can honestly say I have never met a more kind and generous person. If there were more people like him the world would be a much nicer place to be. I simply adore him.

We met up with the rest of the group, but somehow me, Julia (Faroe Islands) and Fransesca (Italy) got seperated from the group and got lost. So we were roaming the streets of Århus. But thank goodness Julia is a pretty good map-reader even thouh she claims shes not. The first cinema we went to was an art flm cinema. It was the coolest place I have ever seen. It was a very old building and the walls were covered with all kinds of old movieposters and film memrobilia. It was also a cafe so you could sit and chat and have a cup of coffee or tea before or after the movie. We saw a really wonderful documentary called "Promised Paradise"

Promised Paradise
Director: Leonard Retel Helmrich, The Netherlands, 2006
Documentary, 52 min., 35mm

In Leonard Retel Helmrichs latest film, we follow the puppeteer Agus in Indonesia. Through his perfomances at a childrens theatre and his encounters with people on the street, he tries to find as well as generate a meaning in todays view on terrorism. Promised Pardise offers unexpected answers to unexpected questions.

Like awarded Shape of the Moon, the film takes use of the unique technique, Single Shot Cinema, developped by Helmrich himself. The technique provides for the camera to get close to the skin of people in long un-interrupted shots, constantly in motion.

We also went to a seminar called

SEMINAR: 10 Great Beginnings in Documentary Films
Three Nordic editors will each present three remarkable beginnings in documentary films - both from their own and others work. The seminar will bring the audience insight to considerations as how to open a documentary film in order to capture audience attention and present the characters, the theme and/or the mood in the film yet to unfold itself.

The participating editors: Nanna Frank Møller (DK), Kimmo Taavila (SF) and Erik Andersson (N)
Also on the panel is Esther van Messel, First Hand Films, who will give the audience insight into what she looks for at the beginning of documentary films when considering purchase for distribution.
Moderator: Miriam Nørgaard, Commissioning Editor, DFI

It was really boring so I wont say anything more about that. Then we split up and went to different resturant to eat and dicuss what we had seen. After that some people went on to see more movies and I and the rest of the gang went to the festival cafe to get som free wine and mingle with the other festival people. I can only say that I will never drink wine ever again.

Then it was back to the ECF were a big beach party and barberque had taken place. The party was still going on when we got back, and even though I was dead tired and it felt like someone had cut my head open with an axe I decided to join in the festivities. I felt better again after a while and Im glad I did not go to bed and miss the fun. I can sleep all day on sunday and I sure as hell plan to. I miss my family though, and my friends. To my friends if you read this. Please dont think Ive forgotten about you because I never call, but they keep us busy here all day and night. We are usually free at 10 or 11 at night and by that time were all so tired that we fall into our beds. Or if not there is always a party going on somewhere almost every single night. Its crazy!


He has taken tons of pictures while hes been here.


24 September 2006  | Länk | Film | 11 kommentarer

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