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The last blog.

Wow, so this is the last blog.. how does it feel? GREAT! Just great, since I always have a lack of fantasy, writing a blog as a homework has been a bad mission for me.
So, Iam going try to make a summary between the gap from the latest blog, but nothing special have really happend, special and intresting enough to hear about.

Right now, Im sitting here with a really nasty headache and a little bit of a stomach-pain from yesterday.
Well, Im listening through some of the discography of "The Cranberries", wow.. Brings alot of old memories.
Well uh, lets begin with the last weekend.

Worked to much, so I didnt do anything else then study and sleep the following Sunday, but I really need the money now.
Im owe my parents some money from earlier phonebills and i have to pay back some money for unpaid taxes, which is 1500kr, but stil, its money.

The funniest and exciting thing that happend during this weekend got to be when i made dreadlocks.
First of all, to make dreadlock is almost the same thing as curl your hear, just that you do some things to your hear before which i cant explain.
So, for a normal person to curl his or her hair, the barber need about 30 of these plastic spinners, i needed 138. So i was sitting there during almost 4hours with 3 fancy student girls fixing my hair, quite fun actually, and i only had to pay the normal price, which was 270kr!!! normally, making dreadlocks in a normal hair-studio or barbershop costs between 4000-6000kr, but this was at the SHTC "Student Haircut Training Center", but I Didnt care since otherwise then rolling my hair into these plastic things, the teacher made everything else.

So, this weekend Iam just going to relax, or today and tonight. I have called myself sick for the work aswell, but tomorow, im maybe more healthier... I dont know what causes these randomly head and stomach-aches, I think they have something with school to do.
I guess im sick and tired of school already since i had to go back to the first grade even if i didnt really want to do that..
But i think i have to think positive and forwall.

I just cant wait until the winters holiday when im going to Germany to spend some quality time with the best friends of mine, skiing and all those things which i love..
On Monday, Iam afterall going to do something else that im looking forwall to, the slipperly-test ( Is there any english word for that? ).

Well, i just have to keep on struggeling now, school is soon done, but what the heck am i supost to do with my life then? If i just could have stayed at my former school, i would probally have a job to 100% when school was done. Oh my gosh, so much time that just went to waste, i have been intrested in computers since late 1995, and now, two, three years ago, i have just had such bad luck when it came to computers, that i just got boored with everything that had to do with it, and things like hope have slowly marched away aswell. I guess it sounds a little bit Goofy, but during that time that i had such bad luck with all the computers i had, it has afflected me alot, i just wanted a computer that worked fine, without any unlogical trubbles, during two months, i spended 5000kr just to buy new parts, just to find that solution! It all ended up with buying a brand new laptop costing nearly 16 000kr, not even that one worked proparly, it just felt like someone, up there, above the clouds... "Were pulling my leg"

I cant find out anything else to write about at the moment, so i guess il just quit my blog right here, sadly enough.
I have found out a explenation to why I dont correct my blogs, its easier to see what you need to practice at, if you just write your blog like waterfalls.

Greets, from your non-pessemist student.
19 Oktober 2007  | Länk | English B | 0 kommentar

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