Lite äckligt, lite spontant, men vackert!
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Det här är verkligen en spontan verkstad där vi, Themi och Eli lägger ut våra berättelser som vi skriver och dom blir minst sagt riktigt fantasifulla.

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Lets build a McDonalds!

Once upon a time there were three aliens. They wandered the green fields of some land of fantasy.
One day one alien tried to kill the others so he could walk the fields by himself, he jumped right and left and stombled on a pot made of water. It fell over and drooled on the alien, "CHSHHHHH!!" it said and hit him right in the stomach.
A submarine suddenly emerged and looked straight over the hole where his rocking chair waited for him to learn the dark side of the force. "You have failed me for the first time!" he said and hurled at the big baboon who promised everyone a trip to monkeyland when they had shot the last one of the marsian invaders they took out a picnic basket and ate all day long. "Ahh Im so
old and these shoes are too wet" Snow white said and took the glasses from a huge rock. "Why you look handsome today" she said and grabbed him in the groin, "Want to have loads of icecream on my roof, thats why I called you". Three hours later there was a huge bang and all the ants ran away from the queen, "Shes gonna blow again!", one ant ran and ran until it
all of sudden appeared two playboy girls infront of them. They played with eachother touched their selves. "Wow!" This feels good said one of the predators.
"I think Im going to the bathroom for a while". But then there was another bang and all the cookies were eaten. The Taliban cried in his hands and shivered until he realized something,he was the last of the unicorns, he stood up and pierced Picard in the chest. "Glurghhh" he said and fell onto the ground.
The unicorn jumped up into the trees and swung from tree to tree
from barn to barn and from horse to hose. This looked like a joke, but it was true
and McDonalds would not hire any illegal workers, "Thats bullshit!" one of the aliens said, "I work fulltime with no pay, and Im happy about it" then he drooled. Im going to rip my beard off!" the lady said and bounced on her feet. Tarzan shook his head and rolled his eyes, this was a terrible meatball he thought and held up his fork with half of it still on, "Youre going to pay for serving me rotten meatballs!". The alien turned around and lunged forward, "Wuoääää" it screamed. The unicorn flew out of the microwave. "Maaaan this is not good!", and landed on a cheese sandwich right next to Fay. She grabbed his hand and kissed it, "Oh I want you so bad". But his eyes filled with tears and he held her hand with his and looked her straight into the eyes, "Im going away
to see some other resturants, you know..", he said and grabbed a horse on his way.
His family stood right there on the spaghetti island. "Hey why is there spaghetti everywhere" the father said. Then a monster came up from the deep and it said, "Im going to see some other resturants!". Everyone else were stunned.
How come they didnt like McDonalds? Was it because the bowls that kept crashing down from the skies? Or was it perhaps the frogs that kept singing about the end of the world? Noone knew but it was certain that Darth Vader could not be allowed to come closer than 26cm. But rules are made to be broken and
why not make a cake, he thought. The alien and the unicorn went to the supermarket and bought the ingredients, "I want strawberry jam on it" said the alien. "No! I will not leave myself to die!", the jellybean screamed before he was eaten by the pink elephant. He was glad to kiss her, and after a moment they went on to having sex. "Oh, how big and sharp teeth you have" he said.
"It is so I can taste you sweeter". "Oh, how slimy and wet my butt feels", the playboy girl moaned and took a bite of the cheese sandwich
she found in her panties, it was gross. "Eww take that away from me" said one of the sith lords. She threw it Right at him and it splashed all over
grandpa and he started to sing loudly, "Sailing home boys, set your hole goals...". Suddenly he was attacked many cute little animals with furry fur and big green eyes and pointy sticks in their claws. One of them came up to the alien. "Hey dude, check out this" he said and slashed the air in front of the alien. The alien opened his mouth and quickly swallowed the furry animals arm,"Tasty, but with a screwed grasshopper inside", he said with a toothy grin. The customer looked puzzled but accepted the gift of two thousand pancakes with a big grin. The alien then swallowed half of them and gave the rest to the unicorn that pulled them onto his horn, "That looks like a pile of beard, who made this?", the nice lady asked. Tarzan shook his head and rolled his eyes, this was even more than the last pay of pancakes, but he didnt mind. A little girl appeared, "Im the fairy, you have two wishes", the alien drooled on her and looked at her and said, "You dont seem to to ignore me anymore...". Perhaps that was a right feeling, however there were still a whole bunch of crap which erupted from the volcano, it filled the air and soon there was crap everywhere. But the brave alien munched through all the crap and got really fat, "Im not taking this and I am not going to use it!", the farmer said and stared in anger at the head of McDonalds.
It was a sad story, McDonalds killed that farmer only to get the playboygirls and the aliens he kept in his barn...yes it was sad.
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